In English

We are a Pentecostal, family oriented church with people who are down to earth, friendly, loving and acceptive by nature.

If you would like to connect with us, come and join our weekly 10 a.m. Sunday service where we offer translation in English!

Addess: 1098 Budapest, Toronyház utca 3/b

We love to worship with all of our hearts and lift up high praises to God. We desire and experience the gifts and the movement of the Holy Spirit.

We appreciate preaching the word of God with authority and practicality.

We highly esteem being strengthening through grace, the development of Christ like character and effective fulfillment of our calling. Our motto is “Jesus, within us, through us.”

Our aim is to help those that are part of our church reach the stage of maturity and lead others to God, equip the body of Christ and help those in need by living as disciples of Jesus, filled with the power and authority of the Holy Spirit.

We regularly interceed in prayer for our friends, relatives and loved ones who have not yet come to know Christ and pray for our nation. We proclaim the Gospel and publicly and privately testify about what Jesus Christ has done in our life.

We cultivate a supportive atmosphere and practice fulfillment through a life of active servanthood.

We care about those in need, primarily with those in our church and also with those who live on the edge of society experiencing true hardships.